Billy Reid Journal: Well Worn

Shelly Colvin X Bleached Denim Workshirt

“Well Worn” gives our friends the chance to share the back-story of their special attachment to a favorite Billy Reid item. This week, our music events and artist relationship guru Shelly Colvin tells us about her love for the Billy Reid bleached denim workshirt.

These photos were taken during a session that was intended to feature the style of my friends Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes (Spoiler alert: stay tuned to the Journal to read that piece later this summer). We were in Los Angeles at the Alley, a legendary rehearsal space, preparing for my Stagecoach performance, and the photographer was there to capture shots of them in action. At the time, I had no idea I was being photographed. However these shots do capture me in a very honest, natural state…. in a rehearsal, wearing my most comfortable clothes: a Billy Reid bleached denim work shirt, jeans and roper boots.

I don’t like fussy clothes. I prefer simple, comfortable fabrics and shapes that allow me to make a statement through accessories. I believe clothing shouldn’t take away from our natural beauty, but should subtly drape the body and allow 
room for individuality. We are all canvases.

I’ve had numerous versions of denim work shirts, both vintage and new, but the Billy Reid bleached denim workshirt is one of the most perfect pieces of clothing I’ve come across. Mine is actually from the men’s collection, even though 
there’s a women’s replica in the current collection; I like the men’s small because it’s perfectly oversized for my frame.

You put this shirt on and instantly feel cool. Because of its versatility, I find myself wearing it all year long – in the winter as a layering piece and as a jacket through the spring and summer months in the South. It’s truly an essential 
wardrobe staple for me, and the shirt I pack for every trip no matter the climate or occasion (I’ve even worn it over a sequin cocktail dress).

Normally you see white or silver snaps on a denim shirt, but I like the texture and classic touch of the brass snaps, which is a signature of Billy’s design. The more worn-in this shirt gets, the better it looks. I can’t wait until it has holes in it. I hope that one day my grandchildren will see these pictures and wear this shirt and be able to feel what their grandmother felt when she was working in her element, comfortable and inspired.