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Inspirer | Shelly Colvin on Finding Inspiration

By Carrie Courogen | June 13, 2016 Who the hell is Shelly Colvin? It’s a question that a lot of people ask when you mention her, despite making a name for herself both in music, as a singer-songwriter collaborating with … Continue reading

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LONSGHOT Review: American Songwriter

Shelly Colvin Longshot (self released) Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars There are kiss-offs, and then there are “you can have whatever you want/ but you’re never, never, never, never, never, never, never gonna be as cool/ as Tony Joe … Continue reading


Billy Reid Journal: Heartworn Highways at Bonnaroo

Shelly Colvin, our artist liaison, has a long history of being at the forefront of intensely cool musical happenings. Her latest intriguing interaction centers around a revamp of the cult classic film, Heartworn Highways. Here, she sheds some light on … Continue reading


Rolling Stone: Classic ‘Heartworn Highways’ Documentary Gets Sequel 39 Years Later

“It’s easy to romanticize the time period and scene captured in Heartworn Highways,” says Colvin. “And as a writer, you hope and dream that you too can find a place to laugh and carouse and write amongst others who want the … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone: Kacey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile Cruise the Caribbean: Exclusive Photos

Nikki Lane, Buddy Miller, Shelly Colvin Sarah Buxton, Erin McCarley, Jim Lauderdale, Nikki Lane and Shelly Colvin


Billy Reid Journal: Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

Billy Reid Artist Relations Director, Shelly Colvin, remembers discovering MWTMB. My friend Alex Collier from The Weeks showed my husband and I a video online of a mother and son, Madisen and Ruth Ward, playing live, and we both fell out of … Continue reading

12th & Broad: Are You On The List? Spirited Gifts-Shelly Colvin

Shelly Colvin wears many hats that include leading up Artist Relations for Southern fashion house – Billy Reid, actress, stylist, songwriter, and is currently in the studio recording the followup album to her debut album, Up the Hickory Down the Pine.


Billy Reid Journal: Well Worn

Shelly Colvin X Bleached Denim Workshirt “Well Worn” gives our friends the chance to share the back-story of their special attachment to a favorite Billy Reid item. This week, our music events and artist relationship guru Shelly Colvin tells us … Continue reading


My Scoop: Summer Must Haves From Shelly Colvin

If you haven’t heard of Shelly Colvin by now, you need to listen to her soulful, Emmylou reminiscent voice today. Fresh from tour with The Apache Relay and The Weeks, we asked this Alabama born, Nashville based musician what her … Continue reading


Wren Evans | Tour with Apache Relay, The Weeks and Shelly Colvin

I spent the majority of May touring the east coast with some incredible bands– Apache Relay, The Weeks and the amazing Shelly Colvin. It was an honor to be asked to go on the road by the Apache dudes because … Continue reading

OC Register

Stagecoach live review: Orange County Register

Alabama alt-country singer Shelly Colvin (no relation to Shawn), who possesses a keening voice akin to Emmylou Harris’ distinctive tone, started the Mustang stage’s proceedings with some laid-back tunes that at times brought to mind Sheryl Crow. She’s done studio … Continue reading

Shelly Colvin in Southern Living

Southern Living: 10 Southern Bands You Need to Hear Now, Curated by Shelly Colvin

From Southern Living, April 2014 If you’ve ever been to a Billy Reid party or runway show, you know the music is always half the fun. The girl responsible for that magic is Billy’s music events coordinator Shelly Colvin—an accomplished … Continue reading


Nashville’s New Style Guard

From Southern Living, March 2014 Chic-central Rolf and Daughters attracts some of the city’s most influential trendsetters. We rounded up six to tell us why their hometown reigns in style. Shelly Colvin Musician, “This is a town of creative … Continue reading

Shelly Colvin in Bib and Tuck

Bib & Tuck Feature: Shelly Colvin

From Bib and Tuck Shelly Colvin Singer/Songwriter living in Nashville, Tennessee For the last couple of guests of our “Nashville’s Most Stylish” series, we bring to you three independent designers and one singer (and no, we’re not recycling Holly Williams!). … Continue reading

Shelly Colvin at Daily Candy: SXSW Street Style

SXSW 2014 Street Style

From Daily Candy SHELLY COLVIN Occupation: Music event artist relations for Billy Reid Wearing: Billy Reid jumper and boots, Bolivian clutch from Planet Blue, Rebecca Lankford jewelry, vintage hat from the Rose Bowl flea market What brings you to SXSW? Work and … Continue reading


75 Most Stylish Southerners

From Southern Living, March 2014 From forward-thinking shop owners to nationally recognized designers, we rounded up 75 of the best-dressed entrepreneurs living in the South. Here, they sum up all that’s to love about Southern style now. Shelly Colvin Nashville, … Continue reading


East Nashville Lets Loose on Country & Western Wednesdays

From CMT Edge On the second Wednesday of each month, something special has been happening in a smoky club on Nashville’s East side called the 5 Spot. There the city’s tight-knit community of Americana musicians gets together for Country & … Continue reading


Huntsville native Shelly Colvin returns to Alabama for Birmingham’s Cask & Drum on Saturday

Huntsville native and Nashville resident Shelly Colvin graduated from the University of Alabama before packing her bags and heading for California. She would immerse herself in a world where music meets fashion, moving to Nashville and performing with an all-star … Continue reading

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The Birmingham Sessions: Shelly Colvin

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — A sweet little dog skitters down the walkway, ready to welcome a visitor, bark a greeting and, well, lick your face off. Emmylou (a Yorkipoo) makes friends easily. So does her owner, singer-songwriter Shelly Colvin. It’s a … Continue reading

Garden and Gun Sampler

Nashville’s New Sound Sampler from Garden & Gun

Garden and Gun included “To the Bone” and “Alright Now” on their playlist of “twenty-five songs from the musicians who are defining Music City’s new sound” CLick below to listen:

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Garden & Gun | Nashville’s New Tune

Thirteen acts bringing new sounds to Nashville Shelly Colvin Though Shelly Colvin is an Alabama native now living in Tennessee, she knows a thing or two about sun-kissed California cool. Her debut album, Up the Hickory Down the Pine, is … Continue reading


Shelly Colvin Daytrotter Session | The Worn in Love

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Josh Niles at Big Light, Nashville, Tennessee Sometimes the thing that dooms a pairing or a marriage in that it just wears off. Whatever it was that made those … Continue reading

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Nashville Arts Magazine | Shelly Colvin

Shelly was recently featured in the Feb. 2013 issue of Nashville Arts Magazine. Holly Gleason interviews her about ‘Up the Hickory & Down the Pine.’ Click the image below to launch the online version of the magazine (starts on page … Continue reading


CMT Edge: Shelly Colvin Fashions an Inspired Music Career

Some artists make a choice to pursue music, and some are just born into it. As the daughter of a music minister, talented singer-songwriter Shelly Colvin absolutely falls into the latter category. Learning to sing harmonies and performing onstage with … Continue reading

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W Magazine Exclusive | Jake Davis Test Shot

Originally published by filmaker Jake Davis for W Magaizne From Jake Davis’s blog about the shoot: When I saw Shelly in her kaftan I knew I had to shoot her. Then I met her dog, Emmylou, and had to shoot … Continue reading